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Yet another start.

I thought I had fixed Exorcism. Wrong.

Now it is fixed. I have a new protagonist and no Luci anywhere. Her removal necessitated redoing the storyline to the point where the title of Exorcism no longer makes sense, as her story was fully half of the narrative.

I do not mind this prospect at all. As I wrote earlier, I did not and do not like Luci. While faith teaches that we are to love one another, and forgive each other, as Luci is my creation, I don’t feel bad in discarding her poisonous, relentlessly un-cheerful outlook and actions. For heaven’s sake, I have enough troubles with my depression and anger at times; why saddle myself with an imaginary person who is even worse? In two years of writing and thinking about her, trying to develop her, I hit wall after wall. She refused to grow, or even cheer up.

My new leading lady, by comparison, already has more promise. While struggling with her own problems, she’s more enjoyable to spend time with. Not depressing your own creator is a good start.

Is Mischa happy about any of this? No, not really. He had hopes that this story was dead for good, but it continues to rise up like the vampires he fought in his first incarnation as a White Wolf RPG character.

Here’s hoping that this new start will be the last one!

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