A letter to Speaker Ryan

Office of the Speaker
H-232 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-2012
Dear Mr. Ryan,

Though I am a Democrat, I have been following the Republican race closely. From all I have heard and read, I implore you, as you have asked others, to follow your conscience and not endorse Donald Trump.

More specifically, I ask that you not put party before country. I can only imagine the pressure you feel as Speaker of the House to lead the party and present a strong front for Republicans, but consider the long-term impact a Trump presidency could have on our beloved country.

Trump’s racist, insensitive remarks about Mexicans, Muslims, and others could jeopardize our country’s relations around the world.

A few southern states depend on a good relationship with Mexico for trade. Building a wall, and somehow ordering Mexico to pay for it, would seriously damage any goodwill our southern neighbor has.

Muslims are spread around the world, and to bar them from entering our country on the basis of religion would be both offensive and against the First Amendment. Out of fear, we would be turning our backs on our own history.

I am not saying we don’t need stronger security. I believe we do. But we must keep in mind that horror can be homegrown, as in Orlando.

I do not believe that Donald Trump – a blowhard business man with a pocked track record and a documented history of offensive statements – is a terrible choice for president. I’m not going to plead with you to support Sanders or Clinton, as I understand the reaction from your own party would likely be horrendous. I ask that you look within yourself, ask your conscience, pray, and ask yourself what you and other Republicans want to be remembered for – as the party that supported its candidate right or wrong, or as Americans who put what is right for the country ahead of partisanship.

I thank you for your attention.

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