An issue

In my preparation for attempting to write a romance novel, I have been reading some current romance novels. Two so far.

Perhaps it’s coincidence, but the male counterparts to the heroine both seem to be very self-assured (read: arrogant) men who know what they want in life, damn it, and are going to just go out and get it. Both heroines are almost equally self-assured, and hold the initial opinion that the hero is a, well, jerk. Then sparks start flying, etc.

My hero, Aisircul, doesn’t fit this mold, although my heroine, Delilah, is closer. At present (hah!) she is about 25 years old, running her family’s small homestead/farm close to Lawrence after her parents died a few years back. She’s used to being in charge and not taking (too much) guff from men, including the man who is determined to make her his wife. Thankfully, this man isn’t quite Gaston from Beauty and the Beast wearing a hat; he is a good man, and means well, but he’s not quite right for her because he’s more rational than she is.

If a stranger comes to town claiming the town will burn, that more than 100 people will die, and all this will happen in five days, that’s someone who should perhaps be kept away from the town citizens at large because otherwise he’ll start a panic that could be worse than what he’s predicting. Delilah doesn’t see it quite that way, and ultimately takes Aisircul (the doomsayer) to her farm. (If she didn’t, then there’d be very little chance of them meeting and getting to know each other, let alone fall in love.)

Aisircul, given his true nature, isn’t looking for love — he doesn’t feel he deserves it, and he feels disconnected from life on Earth on a fundamental level. He’s not assertive unless he’s trying to prevent devastation; the rest of time, he’d be flabbergasted and shy if anyone showed interest in him, especially romantic.

These things being said, would this story sell? Would anyone want to read this?

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