Repair: Now available!

Repair: A romance of sorts is now available on Amazon!

After a few rejections, I decided to send my first (completed) work out into the world via Kindle Direct Publishing.

Repair is the story of Barbara Hoffman and Mikhail Dmitriev. Barbara, a widow at age 41, has returned to her small Kansas hometown, trying to figure out what the rest of her life is going to entail. Mikhail, a single father and priest, is recovering privately from severe trauma, and has long been convinced he will always be alone.

A chance meeting at an antique store, though, sparks friendship…and maybe more.

I promise it’s more interesting than that — I’m new to self-promotion. 🙂

Check it out, please! I’d love to know your thoughts!

Thank you, Mitch McConnell.

Just 27 congressional Republicans acknowledge Biden’s win, Washington Post survey finds

I think I understand now.

I think I understand why the last four years, and especially the last year, have been the way they have been.

It’s your quote, when you were asked about Trump’s claim of election fraud.

“The future will take care of itself.”

That’s why, isn’t it? That’s why environmental protections have been rolled back, why we haven’t seen a second stimulus check, why the various injustices around the world are just going to continue, aren’t they?

Some people — not all by far, thankfully — have gone so long just assuming things will take care of themselves — kicking the can down the road — that it’s just easier to continue that way. Changing your way of thinking and doing? Future people will do that.

We can’t continue this way. We won’t survive if we do.

We need to change. Now. We need to take care of the future.

Hi, y’all. I’m Laura — mom of three daughters, writer of one LGBTQA+ romance novel (Repair, for which I’m searching for an agent and/or publisher, and I’m happy to talk to people about it), and frequent ponderer of things.

Pleased to meet you all.